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August 2nd, 2011
09:12 am


Time travelling in our present
I've been watching a lot of Dr. Who lately, and thus was thinking about time travel this morning. I had this thought while driving to work:

Time travelers worry about accidentally doing something that would change the future. This implies that choice and action have a great influence on the course of things. I'm wondering what that one action is that would change the course of my future. Should I be worried. . .excited? Or, does this only happen in certain periods in life when things are in flux and little actions have big effects? My life seems very full of sameness and dullness right now. I think I'd like to do that thing to change the future.

What do you think?

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February 16th, 2011
11:34 am


Fussy Whininess Here. . . no need to clickCollapse )

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November 25th, 2010
02:56 pm


5 second films

Here's something a bit surreal and very funny to entertain you grown-ups on my friendslist.

I wanted to post it on my facebook, but I've got kids friended there!!  :)


Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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September 15th, 2010
10:58 am


Bay Area Peeps!!!
The fabulous Vixy (of Vixy and Tony fame) will be performing in Berkeley this weekend with Skinny White Chick.  Check out her LJ for details:

In case you can't read Vixy's post, here's ticket information.

Skinny White Chick plays amazing music, and with Vixy's high harmonies it sparkles even more.

Have fun. . wish I could go too!


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August 11th, 2010
10:16 am


Message to the Universe
I understand this now:

People are taking/have taken me for granted because *I* *LET* *THEM*

I need to stop.

I am stopping NOW. UNIVERSE, I hope you are listening!

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July 11th, 2010
12:34 am


doomsday extinction event. . .WTF???
Have any of you seen or heard about this??

I've been away from my computer for 10 days or so. . . .am I waking up in some kind of sci fi nightmare?

Tell me what you know.

*hugs* and trying to remain calm


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April 28th, 2010
09:25 am


Thanks for all your steampunk ideas. :) I'll let you know whether one of them lights my boss's fire!



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April 27th, 2010
03:14 pm


Steam punk recommendations??
What would you recommend as an introductory book for a 50ish geek who's been away from science fiction for a while. He's particularly interested in Steampunk.

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March 19th, 2010
11:43 am


Sci Fi / Fantasy Cage Match

You should go vote! It's fun!



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January 15th, 2010
12:06 pm


The Kindreds in Corvallis TONIGHT
Hello Willamette Valley friends!

If you're not busy tonight, come see my band play at the Troubador Music Center in Corvallis. (It's right across from the downtown Beanery). We're playing from 8 to 10. Tickets are $6 (or $15 for a family)

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